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  • School Site Council Overview

    A  school that operates a categorical program funded through the consolidated application (ConApp) shall establish a schoolsite council (SSC) if such program requires a School Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) (California Education Code [EC] Section 65000[b]).

    The SSC shall develop the content of the SPSA (EC Section 64001[g][1]). The SPSA shall be reviewed annually and updated, including proposed expenditure of funds allocated to the school through the ConApp and the local control and accountability plan (LCAP), if any, by the SSC (EC Section 64001[i]).

    The SPSAs shall be reviewed and approved by the governing board or body of the local educational agency (LEA) at a regularly scheduled meeting whenever there are material changes that affect the academic programs for pupils covered by programs identified in this part (EC Section 64001[i]). If a SPSA is not approved by the governing board or body of the LEA, specific reasons for that action shall be communicated to the SSC (EC Section 64001[i]).

    Modifications to any SPSA shall be developed, recommended, and approved or disapproved by the governing board or body of the LEA in the same manner (EC Section 64001[i]).

    A LEA shall ensure, in the ConApp, that the SPSA has been prepared in accordance with the law, that SSC have developed and approved a SPSA for each school participating in programs funded through the ConApp process, and that SPSAs were developed with the review, certification, and advice of the school English learner advisory committee (ELAC), if required (EC Section 64001[c]).

    SSC Composition

    The members of the SSC represent the composition of a school’s pupil population and notwithstanding the size of the school, the composition of the SSC shall ensure parity between the groups (EC Section 65000[a]).

    The SSC in an elementary school shall be composed of both of the following two groups (EC65000[c][1]):

    School Group Members (Elementary Schools):

      • The principal of the school or his or her designee;
      • school personnel employed at the school who are not teachers, selected by school personnel employed at the school who are not teachers, and
      • classroom teachers employed at the school, selected by classroom teachers employed at the school; The classroom teachers selected shall constitute a majority of the school members selected (EC Section 65000[c][1][A]); and

    Parent and/or Community Group Members (Elementary Schools):

      • Parents of pupils attending the school, or other members of the school community, selected by parents of pupils attending the school. The number of parent and/or community members selected shall equal the number of school members selected (EC Section 65000[c][1][B]).

    The minimum number of SSC members at an elementary school is a total of ten (10)

    • 1 principal 
    • 1 other school personnel
    • 3 classroom teachers
    • 5 parents or community members

    SSC Supporting Documentation & Templates

    SSC Sign In Sheet Template

    23-24 Agenda Templates - Make a copy of each agenda and save in your google files

    23-24 SSC Minutes Templates - Make a copy of each document and save in your google files

    District Committee Synopisis

    SSC Election Templates - Make a copy of each document and save in your google files 

    SSC Member Training Slide Presentations

    Title I Parent and Family Engagement Policy & Home School Compact

    Title I Parent & Family Engagement Policy

    Parent & Family Engagement Policies in Document Tracking System (DTS): 

      • English and Spanish Templates 

      • Need to revise to align with 2024-2025 parent activities

    CDE requires joint development with SSC and Board approval

    The policy is due to SFP by October 4, 2024

      • Jointly Developed with SSC
      • Revise in DTS (English and Spanish)
      • Principal Signs (wet signature)
      • Email PDF to SFP Team and submit hard copy in the district mail.  

    SFP Support Session Slides: Parent and Family Engagement SFP Support Session 

    Evidence of Policy and Compact Distribution: Evidence of Distribution-Template 

    Home School Compact Sample: School Parent Compact  


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