School Transfers

  • Intradistrict Transfer Requests – transfers from one BCSD school to another BCSD school

    When a parent/guardian who resides in the Bakersfield City School District wishes to have their child/children attend another BCSD school, a request must be submitted and approved through the Student Services Department. Approval of requests are determined by space available at each school. In the absence of an approved transfer, students are expected to attend the school in the attendance area in which they reside. Approved transfers are valid only through the highest grade in the school. (When a child moves to middle school or high school, a new transfer will need to be completed.) Parent/guardian accepts responsibility for transportation to and from school.

  • Intradistrict Yearly Timelines


    Intradistrict Yearly Timelines

  • Interdistrict Transfer Requests – transfers out of or into BCSD

    A student wishing to attend a school outside the Bakersfield City School District must first obtain an interdistrict attendance permit. Applications for interdistrict attendance permits to leave the District must be obtained in the Student Services Department. An application to leave the District may be submitted in the Student Services Department throughout the year.  An Interdistrict permit to enter the District must be obtained from the student’s district of residence. Applications to enter the District must adhere to the following timelines:

  • Interdistrict Yearly Timelines


    Interdistrict Yearly Timelines

  • Criteria for an Interdistrict Permit

    In addition to the documents indicated, all permit types, with the exception of Residency Based on Employment, require a completed Interdistrict permit application from the student’s current district of residence. A permit to leave or enter BCSD must meet the following criteria:

  • Interdistrict Permit

  • Notice of provisional approval or waiting list status will be provided as soon as possible after the District receives an application, but no later than 14 calendar days after the start of the school year. If the transfer request is for a school year that begins within 15 calendar days of the receipt of the request, the Superintendent or designee shall notify the parent/guardian of the final decision within 30 calendar days of receiving the request. 

    Accepting and Maintaining Your Transfer

    To accept a transfer, please follow the directions on the acceptance letter. Daycare interdistrict transfers need to be renewed annually. All other transfers are good to the highest grade of the school. When a child moves to a new school for the middle school grade levels, a new transfer must be completed. 

    Revocation of Interdistrict Permit

    Interdistrict attendance permits may be revoked if:

    1. the student fails to maintain District behavioral standards and receives disciplinary action that results in expulsion pursuant to Education Code Section 48918;
    2. information on the permit pertaining to the admission criteria changes;
    3. the criteria for the permit are not met;
    4. the District determines the information upon which the permit was granted was false or the parents/guardians made significant misrepresentation(s);
    5. the student fails to maintain District behavioral standards and receives disciplinary action that results in suspension;
    6. the student fails to maintain an attendance rate at or above 95% of the days in which school is in session; or
    7. the student arrives late, is removed early, is picked-up late, or any combination thereof, more than three times within any school month. The office of attendance will give ten (10) school days notice to the parents/guardian prior to the revocation of an interdistrict attendance permit.

    Please call the Student Services Department at 631-4729 or 631-4844 for additional information about interdistrict permits or review the BCSD Policy Regarding Interdistrict Transfer Permits document.