Academic Pentathlon

  • As part of the District Plan to Improve Student Achievement, the Academic Pentathlon has been implemented to challenge students and recognize academic excellence among students of all achievement levels. Established as an academic club on campus, the team preparation period is approximately three (3) months with the final team selected about a month before the competition. The special blend of education and competition offered by the Academic Pentathlon enables Pentathletes to:
    • Improve research, study, and test-taking skills
    • Enjoy camaraderie and support from teammates and coach
    • Enhance communication and interpersonal skills
    • Grow in appreciation for academic endeavor
    • Have fun while learning
    • Develop self-discipline and endurance
    • Gain a greater level of self-esteem
    • Take pride in academic achievements
    • Develop critical thinking skills

    Goals of the Academic Pentathlon
    • To maximize the individual learning potential of students through the motivation of competitive challenge
    • To provide schools with a vehicle to focus on and reward the academic efforts and achievements of their students
    • To stimulate the interaction of schools, communities, and industry in support of the academic endeavor
    Benefits of the Academic Pentathlon
    • Provides recognition for academic achievement
    • Motivates participation of all students
    • Emphasizes cooperation to maximize learning
    • Improves school/community interaction
    • Valuable long-term benefits