• We use this page to highlight the accomplishments of our former students. If you have any news to share, email Mr. Peterson. 

    Alumni Week

    Each year in early January we have an alumni week at now Lincoln Junior High formally known as Owens Intermediate School. Each day is dedicated to a different university. We invite special guests, who are all former Owens Intermediate students. They spend a few hours going from class to class sharing their educational experiences. This is a fantastic experience for our students, and we need to thank Mr. John Peterson, our computer lab teacher, for always planning the event. We are looking forward to this year’s event. If you are a former student, and you are interested in visiting, please call Mrs. Villalpando at 661-631-5950, so she can add you to the list.


    Bakersfield’s Brightest

    Four former students from Owens Intermediate were named amongst Bakersfield’s Brightest for 2008. They are Emy Wu (East High School), Rukayat Giwa (Liberty High School), Sebastien Bauge (East High School), and Miles Van Kopp (Bakersfield High School). They were all a part of the 6th grade class of 2002. Congratulations to them all on this great accomplishment. You can read the entire story from Bakersfield Life magazine here.


    First in Class

    Another prestigious local high school academic award ceremony was recently held honoring the Kern High School District’s First in Class. Four of the First in Class award winners were members of the Owens Intermediate 6th grade class of 2002. They are (from left to right): Sebastien Bauge, Joshua Chamberlain, Aaron Dobie, and Miles Van Kopp. We are all very proud of them and their academic success. Best of luck in the future!