About the Committee

  • The District Culture, Climate, and Safety Committee was established on February 27, 2018.  The Bakersfield City School District Board of Education established the committee to evaluate quantitative and qualitative data to identify areas of improvement within District culture, climate, and safety.  The committee works with the Superintendent to continuously improve the aforementioned areas, which ultimately lead to student achievement and success.

    The District Culture, Climate, and Safety Committee is charged with the following: 

    • Through the use of quantitative and qualitative data, identify areas of improvement with respect to District culture, climate, and safety. 
      • Maintain the safety of students, staff. and visitors at schools and sites throughout the District. 
      • Maintain the positive conditions and aesthetic beauty of all sites and schools within the District.
      • Build positive relationships and student-centered schools.
    • Identify challenges that may impede the improvement of District culture.
    • Advise the Superintendent regarding a rubric of best practices and key indicators to facilitate high quality student centered schools and focus resources to continuously improve the culture, climate, and safety of the District. 

    The committee meets a minimum of four times per year.  The committee’s efforts may require additional meetings on an as-needed basis. The committee shall remain in existence until such time as the Superintendent and Board determine that the committee has completed its charge.


  • • Dr. Tim Fulenwider, Committee Chair
    • Mrs. Lillian Tafoya, Board Member
    • Dr. Chris Cruz Boone, Board Member
    • Mr. Robert Arreola, Campus Supervisor
    • Mrs. Maria Alcantar De Lawhorn, CSEA
    • Mrs. Latonia Banks, Sierra Parent
    • Mr. Bob Boyd, LIUNA
    • Miss Alyssa Brooks, BETA
    • Mrs. Ofelia Canales, Williams Parent
    • Dr. Dylan Capilla, Principal, College Heights
    • Mrs. Maria Carrera, Curran Parent
    • Officer Fabian, BPD
    • Mr. David Manriquez, Coordinator IV, Student and School Safety
    • Mrs. Allyson Jinzo, CSEA
    • Mrs. Janel Kabat, Fletcher Parent
    • Mr. John Peterson, BETA
    • Mr. Tomas Prieto, Principal, Chipman Jr. High
    • Mrs. Mika Whitfield, Noble Parent
    • Mrs. Yessica Puga, Voorhies Parent
    • Mr. Leonard Zasoski, Assistant Director, MOF