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  • The Kern Urban Teacher Residency (KUTR) Mission 

    The Kern Urban Teacher Residency (KUTR), a sustainable partnership between the Bakersfield City School District (BCSD) and CSU Bakersfield, is dedicated to providing innovative preparation for highly effective educators, focusing on developing pedagogical skills, cultural competency, and community engagement. KUTR will actively recruit talented and passionate future educators that diversify the workforce while serving the students in the BCSD.

    The Kern Urban Teacher Residency (KUTR) Vision

    The Kern Urban Teacher Residency aims to prepare and retain highly effective teachers who are successful, productive leaders that make a positive impact on their community and who are committed to providing students of BCSD with the highest quality educational experience. The program will do this by providing teachers with a rigorous training program that includes strategically aligned coursework, clinical practice, and ongoing professional development opportunities.


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CSUB Professor leading instruction of Residents.

    Residents participating in KUTR will receive an $25,000 stipend.  Residents are also provided the opportunity to earn extra income through substitute teaching for their Mentor Teacher.

Groups of mentors and residents at a monthly training.

    Residents participating in KUTR will receive monthly professional development that is co-taught by the CSU Bakersfield and BCSD staff.  Residents in the program also receive conference and travel opportunities to participate in the latest professional development opportunities and training.


Mentors and residents working collaboratively.

    Resident Teachers in the Kern Urban Teacher Residency participate in clinical practice 4 days per week, alongside a passionate, effective Mentor Teacher.  All coursework is completed on Fridays, leaving evenings free and open.  Coursework is held off campus at a Bakersfield City school site.


  • The Kern Urban Teacher Residency (KUTR) is a transformational program that creates a  sustainable teacher preparation residency pathway in partnership between the Bakersfield City School District and CSU Bakersfield.  KUTR prepares cohorts of Multiple Subject Credential Candidates and Single Subject, Math or Science Candidates, in an intensive, academic year long clinical experience in Bakersfield City TK-8 classrooms with an emphasis on preparing candidates who are trained to integrate STEM education into TK-8 curriculum using the CCSS-Math and NGSS.  

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