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        The District Advisory Committee (DAC) is a volunteer committee required by state law. The committee is made up of one parent representative from each school site that receives State Compensatory Education funds. The funds are given to schools based on free and reduced lunch count and target students who test less than proficient. When a school receives these funds, a school advisory committee is formed with parents and staff.  Representatives are encouraged to share information with their School Site Council.

        The goals and objectives of the DAC are to review the Consolidated Programs, provide advice, assistance, and advisory recommendations to the BCSD Board of Education on the Consolidated Funding Program, and provide input to educational projects funded under Title I/ SCE and support parental educational programs as it pertains to the goals and objectives of this committee. The ultimate goal is to improve the education of students participating in State Compensatory Education or Title I Programs.

        For more information, contact Christine Meza, FACE Representative, at (661) 631-4513 or mezac@bcsd.com





      • DAC Meeting Schedule 2023-2024

        Meetings will be held in the Professional Development Center.

        1300 Baker St 

        11:30 am - 1:00 pm

        October 3, 2023

        November 7, 2023

        December 5, 2023

        January 9, 2024

        February 6, 2024

        March 5, 2024

        April 2, 2024

        May 7, 2024





      Public Comment

      • To provide public comments: 

        1. The preferred option for commenting on a specific agenda item or for providing general public comment under Public Comments is to submit your comment via email to mezac@bcsd.com  please include your name and clearly indicate the agenda item number you wish to address. 

        2. Alternatively, you may comment by calling (661) 631-4766 to leave a voicemail of no more than three minutes in length. Please state and spell your name at the beginning of your message and clearly indicate the agenda item number you wish to address. 

        3. In order to be read aloud during the meeting, comments must be received by 12:00 p.m. on the day of the DAC meeting. 

        4. Should the public speaker not want their name stated publicly, please specify at the top of the email or at the beginning of the voicemail. 

        During the meeting, comments will be read aloud by the DAC Board Chairperson and they will be added to the meeting minutes. Please note, that the Board may exercise its discretion regarding the amount of time for each public comment depending on the number of emails received. The total time allotted to all persons wishing to speak to an item shall not exceed five (5) minutes. In case of numerous requests to address the same item, the Board may select representatives to speak on each side of the item. As with in-person meetings, the Board respects the right of the public to comment on parent advisory matters. The content of messages should be civil and appropriate for a public meeting of a school district parent advisory meeting.