Teacher Induction Program

  • The Teacher Induction Program (TIP) is a two-year program of support and formative assessment designed to meet the needs of participating teachers in California. The Bakersfield City School District administers a single district Induction program. The culmination of the two-year program is the issuance of the new teacher’s California Clear Credential.

    The program consists of pairing participating teachers with experienced teachers who serve as support providers and providing them time to work together, offering professional development opportunities to meet the needs of the new teacher in relation to his/her teaching assignment, building a support network by providing opportunities to dialogue with colleagues and providing a system of guided inquiry to assist beginning teachers for professional growth.

    California Commission on Teacher Credentialing: www.ctc.ca.gov

Additional Resources

  • Program Goals

  • California Standards for the Teaching Profession

  • Participating Teachers

  • Support Providers