• The History of Lincoln Junior High School

    by April Reyes Castillo and Javone Parker


    Lincoln Jr. High school has a long and eventful history as an educational institution. The first formation of the school was in 1902. The school was built and named Beale Avenue School.  The school used to be part of another school district. The school district was called the Sumner School District.  The Sumner School District does not exist anymore because it was annexed by Bakersfield City School District in 1911 and renamed Lincoln.  In 1952, an earthquake hit, causing the school to fall and be destroyed and closing down the school.  Soon enough, the school would be reopened after it was rebuilt.  In 1980, Lincoln's name became Vista East High School and continued until 1999.  In the year 1999, Lincoln was opened as Bessie Owens Intermediate School. The school name Bessie Owens came from a female educator who taught for around 50 years.  In 2022, the school name was changed back to Lincoln.  The school was opened for 7th and 8th graders. It is one of the 10 junior high schools in the Bakersfield City School District.  Our school was named after Abraham Lincoln, who became the United States' 16th President in 1861.  Lincoln is now a well-known school with an amazing staff and wonderful students.  Lincoln Jr. High School, being 120 years old, is one of the oldest schools in Bakersfield that is still operating in its original location.  Rosedale has been in its original location since 1890 and Bakersfield High School since 1895.  The school has come a long way and still has a long way to go. Go Lincoln!